Tatiana Prendella
University of Chicago

Therapeutic work and vulnerability require trust, and I feel it is an enormous privilege to be trusted with another person’s struggles, joys, and stories. I deeply value the human experience, and am dedicated to my role as a therapist.  As a final-year Masters student in clinical social work at the University of Chicago, my approach to therapy is constantly growing and changing alongside myself, my communities, the larger socio-political landscape, and the natural world. 

In my clinical work, I employ multiple modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Psychodynamic, Relational-Cultural Theory, and queer theory.  As I draw from these various modalities, I’m able to tailor my therapeutic approach to your unique needs and your individual  growth and journey. 

My areas of experience and interest include substance dependency and recovery, trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety, and stress.  I understand healing is a verb, and it requires continuous action, reflection, and attention to understand how our past experiences affect our current mindsets and behaviors.  Similarly, my ability to be an effective social worker centers around self-reflection, fluidity, and willingness to allow my approaches to evolve and adapt.

In my work with each client, I will be collaborating closely with my clinical supervisor, Emma Coate, LCSW, to ensure that you are receiving the proper care that you deserve.

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To work with Tatiana, please email info@lakeparkcounseling.com to schedule an intake appointment or a free 20 min phone consultation.