Emma Coate, LCSW

In my work with young adults, adults, couples, and families; I strive to provide a warm and supportive space to sort out life’s challenges. I understand that making the decision to enter into therapy can be as daunting as it is a positive step forward. While respecting how difficult change can be, I gently guide clients toward positive, client-centered goals.

I believe in an individualized, strength-based approach to treatment. Through careful assessment, I will help identify the challenges at hand and together we will work to resolve past negative thought patterns or behaviors and learn to build new positive pathways.

I am trained in a variety of therapeutic styles and modalities including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and family systems theories. I practice within a culturally sensitive, person-centered, compassion-focused framework.

My work stems from a core belief and foundation that, despite our past challenges, all humans have the resilient capacity to create and build healthy patterns and methods of interacting, working, coping, and living. Every day is a chance to build new pathways toward emotional wellbeing and stability.

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