Violeta Barba, LCPC, ATR-BC

Welcome! I am a bilingual art therapist and my passion is working for the well-being of our communities. As a first-generation immigrant, I understand the stressors that minorities face as they navigate the challenges living and working in a society that is embedded in systemic oppression. I work from an intersectional and culturally-informed framework to explore how experiences and narrative are impacted by systems of oppression, dynamics of power, privilege, and other social factors that have shaped your experiences and identity.

I have over thirteen years of hands-on experience in community work and clinical services, working with clients on behavioral and emotional issues. I have built my career by specializing in supporting families and children affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, trauma, and various emotional challenges. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in higher levels of care, such as pediatric partial hospitalization programs and adult intensive outpatient programs, where I have assisted individuals in managing severe mental illness and enhancing their social and occupational functioning.

I approach individual and family therapy holistically looking at the client’s physical, mental and social context in providing treatment recommendations. I create a safe and supportive environment for you to feel heard, validated, and empowered.  I believe that therapy should be a collaborative process, and I work closely with my clients to identify their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.  My practice is Trauma-Informed, LGBTQ+affirming, Sex-Positive, and Poly-Aware and Kink-Knowledgeable. I draw on the narrative and phenomenological art therapy approaches, using the creative process of art-making to explore your life’s narrative, facilitate personal growth, and uncover profound meaning within your life experiences. When necessary, I also incorporate skills-building techniques from CBT and DBT to support growth and development.

As a trained Art Therapist, I facilitate emotional expression by supporting spontaneity and openness. I help clients access the wisdom of their own body through movement and sensorial experiences, we work to improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions, and address unresolved conflict from trauma. Art therapy increases self-awareness and provides a person with a tangible experience to represent their inner and outer world and achieve self-actualization. 


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To work with Violeta, please email to schedule a 20 min phone consultation.