Angela Tsai

Please Note: Angela will be on leave until early April 2024 and is not currently accepting new clients until then. Please let us know if you'd like to be added to her waiting list or would like to work with another Lake Park Counseling Therapist. 

As a first generation Asian American woman, I believe in the importance of cultural humility, anti-racism, and gender affirmation in my practice, paying attention to power structures and systems that affect us all.  I view clients as equals, where social hierarchies and identities are addressed to practice true cultural humility and understanding.


My theoretical orientation is integrative and holistic, using person-centered, strengths-based, and evidence-based approaches to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase cognitive flexibility, and help navigate complex interpersonal relationships. My purpose as a clinician is to create a safe, nonjudgmental space to express and process feelings. 

Using the power of art as a tool of justice and healing to create opportunities for inclusion and human connection, each individual’s human potential will be supported, regardless of identity or ability.


My areas of specialization are working with adolescents and adults, neurodivergent individuals, group therapy, the treatment of anxiety and depression, emotion regulation, ADHD symptom management, perfectionism, adjustment issues, and art therapy. My approach to treat symptoms of anxiety is to use mindfulness to slow down an overactive mind to increase focus and promote relaxation as well as art-based interventions to help implement DBT coping skills such as radical acceptance and distress tolerance.

I am a graduate of the Masters of Counseling: Art Therapy program at Adler University. I also hold a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, San Diego.  My practicums included organizations supporting the creative arts therapies, adults with intellectual disabilities, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Previous occupations before my journey into the helping field were in arts education, museum exhibitions, and academic research library administration. 


In my leisure time, I enjoy connecting with nature through gardening and hiking, reading, making art, and playing music. One of the countless reasons why I chose this profession was to use my creativity to help others. Everyone has a story to tell and I am ready to listen.

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To work with Angela, please email to schedule a 20 min phone consultation.