Lake Park Counseling Mission and Values

Lake Park Counseling (LPC) is a psychotherapy practice, located in the Hyde Park neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago.  We serve a diverse and eclectic area, including the University of Chicago academic community, as well as clientele in and beyond the Hyde Park neighborhood.  Having worked in the social services field for over 20 years, founder and therapist Emma Coate, LCSW has a multi-faceted professional history in both administrative and clinical social work and strives to provide the highest quality services and best practices to those she and her practice serves.

Lake Park Counseling is dedicated to the values and tenets of social work. This includes service to our community, including communities that have historically been under-resourced and under-served by the mental health profession; the dignity and worth of all individuals; the importance of human reltionships; and adhering to integrity within the profession.

Our Clients: LPC uses a variety of therapuetic modalities to treat a large array of issues and concerns.

Our Team:  LPC is committed to creating an equitable, just, welcoming, and warm practice environment for our clinicians.  By providing positive resources, mentorship, supervision, and coaching, while also emphasizing the importance of work/life balance, LPC ensures that all clinicians are able to provide quality supports and services to our clients.