Maddy Prude
University of Chicago

Pushing through the stigma of starting therapy can be hard but extremely rewarding and I understand the courage required in taking this step.  I will offer a compassionate, safe  and collaborative space to foster connection and healing.  As a Black woman, I believe in the importance of cultural humility, anti-racism, and gender affirmation in my practice, paying attention to power structures and systems that affect us all. I understand the stressors that minorities face as they navigate the challenges of living, working, and breathing in a society that is embedded in systemic oppression.

In therapy, we will work together to develop your treatment goals and gradually work towards them by putting our strengths first.  We’ll collaborate to understand your environment and the thoughts or patterns that you may have become accustomed to.  I use a trauma-informed, culturally attuned, and affirming approach to therapy.  We’ll work together to understand the underlying reasons for your thoughts and feelings, and to understand that it is sometimes essential to challenge those thoughts and feelings when working towards positive change.

My areas of interest include depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, stress, and social isolation. I base my practice on several modalities including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. 

I am committed to my role as a student therapist, which requires believing in your ability to succeed and prioritizing your needs. My supervisor, Emma Coate, will be a constant source of encouragement and collaboration to assure that we provide the best care for you. One of the countless reasons why I chose this profession was to ensure representation: everyone has a story to tell, and I am ready to listen.

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To work with Maddy, please email to schedule an intake appointment or a free 20 min phone consultation.