Welcome to Lake Park Counseling.  Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself or seeking resources for someone you care about, kudos to you for taking this difficult first step in reaching out for support. 

Work Together Toward Health, Stability, and Recovery
Our therapists are trauma-informed and use a variety of therapuetic modalities to support our clients. We specialize in working with clients experiencing anxiety and depression, work or academic stressors that negatively impact mood and health, family issues and concerns, as well as relationship dynamics that create conflict. We will work together to use therapeutic approaches and techniques that are right for you. Together, we will strengthen coping skills, set healthy boundaries, and work towards shifting negative core beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. 

Create and Build Positive Change
The Lake Park Counseling logo is a chambered nautilus shell. To us, this represents the therapeutic journey. As we cycle through the stages of life, we are always growing, learning, and reaching new heights and new areas of life, while revisiting past issues and problems. While our journeys may sometimes seem cyclical, we are still ever-growing and gaining insight.

Contact our Intake Team: info@lakeparkcounseling.com or 773-219-0605 (available by call and text)

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Lake Park Counseling holds the core belief that anyone has the power to create changewe can all learn and grow from our past challenges to build new patterns and methods of managing life's obstacles.